5 Ways for Small Business to Use Social Media to Grow

5 Ways for Small Business to Use Social Media to Grow

The burning question about social media should not start with why. In fact, it should start with how.

Not why to use social media for your business, but how you can benefit from it to skyrocket your success.

Outstanding companies unlock the power of social networks and map out solid strategies to help them enjoy great results – consistently and predictably.

Let’s open the treasure box. Here are five ways social media can help your small business grow.

Understand your Audience and Gain Market Insights

Social media is a ceaseless talk by people and about people. Smart companies join this conversation, first by listening.

Nowhere else you have better chances to deeply understand your customers – their interests, desires, fears, pain points… What keeps them up at night, what do they pursue in their personal and professional lives, and how does your company help them build a better version of themselves?

Do not merely sell people a slimming bandage. Promise them a confident and successful self-image. They will not only come back but also share stories that will prove priceless for your company.

As a small business, you cannot afford building your social presence based on assumptions. Here is when social analytics tools come as a lifeboat and help you extract critical information. How do people find you online? What is the demographics and location behind each post? What time of the day do your customers engage with your posts?

The better you understand your audience, the better you serve them, and the more satisfied customers you acquire.

Promote and Sell Products

Responsiveness, promotions and valuable content are the top indicators to prompt customers they should make a purchase with your company.

Respond to your customers on daily basis, offer perks, share content that educates your audience about topics they are interested in.

Think out of the box. If you are selling mattresses, you may share information on sleep and healthy lifestyle. If you are selling an online course on copywriting, you may share content about the benefits of freelancing.

What’s more, you will easily make Google love you – valuable content is a major indicator for Google to award you higher rankings on search results.

Using social media to promote and sell products is a major win. But that’s not where it stops.

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Build Awareness, Reputation, and Trust

There is a line by Scott Cook: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Nothing influences people more than a referral from a trusted person. Even the greatest advertisement puts up a white flag when a negative recommendation comes from a friend. Here you have a good reason to ask for reviews and shares, award people for making a referral and leaving a comment.

Any time someone finds your social media profile, they should see a page that is updated, easy to navigate and full of useful content. This is the best-known shortcut to prove that you are a company with a strong voice and you care for your customers. Remember, most people first visit your social media profile and then head to your website.

People trust companies that practice transparency and share exclusive stuff. It’s time to breathe creativity into your marketing agenda:

• Interview your employees.
• Regularly share customers’ testimonials.
• Invite industry experts for a talk or a webinar.
• With the video streaming option you have even more choices:
• Take your audience behind the scenes with Facebook Live and show your working process.
• Do not post a photo of your small shop – go live and take your followers to a nice tour around your shop.
• Have an important announcement? Tease your audience with a launch that’s still waiting to be out.

Wait. Were you brainstorming what content your customers would love to see from your company? If you interact with your customers and listen to them closely, you will soon compile a list of numerous topics – all of them waiting to be posted on your social media profiles.

Retain Current Customers and Engage Wider Audiences

People will not stay with your brand, if you have a short-term goal of nudging them to make a purchase.

If there is a holiday your customers love, celebrate it with relevant posts. If there is an enticing industry trend, share it with your audience. Enlighten and encourage them. Sell home decor but also educate your audience on how to match colors in their interior design.

With relevant, regular and useful content, you gain a community of advocates, not just one-time consumers. By the way, you save your precious time and resources, if you sell to returning customers.

From time to time, however, you may feel muses have gone quiet. If this happens, turn to social media to get inspired.

Connect With (and Learn From) Other Businesses

Make a list of successful companies, both local and international. Follow them to see how they manage their social presence – what type of content they are sharing and what strategies they use.

Do not become an echo. Instead, get inspired!

LinkedIn should be your top choice when it comes to connecting with other businesses. With over 500 million members in 2018, LinkedIn is a gold mine to help you enhance your visibility and build a trustworthy network. Add Twitter to your list to help you to find key industry players and initiate new partnership.

In Conclusion.....

Social media promises engagement, growth and success you cannot resist.
Having said that, there is a reality we have to embrace.

Social media promises engagement, growth and success you cannot resist.
Having said that, there is a reality we have to embrace.

You are a small business. You are tough on budget. On top of that, you have limited time – even weekends do not seem to be enough for catching up with everything.

Great if you find these tips helpful and manage to apply a number of them. Still, converting clicks into sales means greater concentration and… even more tasks on your plate.

Want to start improving your ROI and saving your time?

Here is how our team at Imperium Consulting can help you do that:

• You will turn one-time clients into long-term customers — so that every dollar you invest returns as an asset for your business.
• You will connect to and attract wider audiences — to have a strong network that consistently generates high-quality leads.
• You will set realistic, yet ambitious goals for growing your business and enjoy the most efficient tools to save your precious time and resources.

Forget how small or big your company is. Your success in the market – that’s a new metric to define the boundaries of your business. Imperium Consulting helps to unlock the true potential of your team – so that you do not work harder but smarter.

Through one on one consultation we create a custom plan based on your individual needs to help you shine on social media and become an inspiring example.

Save your time.
Stay focused on doing your business.
Outperform all of your competitors.

It’s delightfully easy. Our team is here to answer your call and help you build a strong social media presence you will be proud of.

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