Six reasons why using a marketing agency is best for small business
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Six reasons why using a marketing agency is best for small business

Business owners need to make every penny count. However, you don’t want to be too frugal. Sarah is an entrepreneur that learned that the hard way.
Sarah started a wedding planning company. She wanted to stretch her budget so she did all of the marketing herself. She soon realised that was a mistake.

Because marketing wasn’t Sarah’s area of expertise so she didn’t make much progress with her branding goals. She eventually chose to outsource her services.

This was one of the best decisions she ever made.

In Summary, in small business, it is usually best to hire a marketing agency instead of handling it yourself. Read on to see just a few of the benefits.

Here are a few of the key benefits.

1. You Stop Wasting Valuable (Billable) Hours

Always consider the opportunity cost of doing your marketing in-house. Let’s assume the following:

• Your current billable rate is $150 an hour
• 50% of the hours you work are billable
• You need to spend 20 hours a month on marketing to get results

The opportunity cost of doing marketing yourself is $1,500 a month.

If marketing isn’t your speciality, then you won’t be getting your money’s worth.

Hiring a professional marketing agency is actually cheaper because they know which tasks to focus on to get the best ROI and can complete them quickly.

2. An Agency Knows What Traffic Sources Convert the Best

There are lots of online marketing channels to choose from. They all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Google is great for reaching customers that are ready to make a purchase. LinkedIn is perfect for B2B networking. Pinterest is excellent for brand positioning in the jewellery and fashion industries. Even within a specific marketing channel, certain approaches can work better.

Conversion rates for different traffic sources vary considerably.

The average conversion rate for Google, Facebook and StumbleUpon is 1.71%, 1.08% and 0.02%, respectively.

Of course, the cost of acquiring traffic is also different. This makes it difficult to estimate the ROI.

Professional marketing agencies focus on traffic sources that offer the most value.

3. They Know SEO

Learning and gaining in-depth knowledge about the best SEO practices can be a very time-consuming process.

There are dozens of different parts and key pieces that you have to learn, and your plate is already full with running your business.

For example, do you know how to find the best keywords to increase your local page ranking with Google? Perhaps you need to know what Google considers important ranking factors when it comes to optimising your page’s SEO factors.

This is where a professional marketing agency comes in. The staff live and breathe SEO, and they’re up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and changes. All of this can boost your business’s rankings with Google and get you more brand exposure.

4. Create a Consistent and Enticing Brand Message

Having a consistent branding message boosts revenue by 23%.

Yet, creating a clear, consistent brand message is challenging. A professional marketing team can carefully hone your message and make sure it is consistent across all marketing platforms.

5. They Know How to Write Engaging Content

Your website’s content should be correctly formatted and engaging for your targeted audience. Do you have time to write all of this content yourself? Chances are, the answer is most likely no. You want to focus on streamlining and enhancing your day-to-day business practices.
Hiring the correct marketing agency allows you to get access to a team of experienced and local copywriters who excel at writing concise and targeted content. This can help to increase your conversion rates as well.

6. Creating the Right Design

It is difficult to make a good impression if you aren’t a professional designer. Unfortunately, an unprofessional presentation can ruin all of your branding goals.

When you hire a marketing agency, you will be working with a team of experts that have expertise in web design and mobile media optimisation, so your visitors will have a favourable impression of your brand.


These six reasons should give you a good idea of why hiring an agency like Imperium Consulting can be greatly beneficial for your business. Contact us so you can experience what it’s like when you work for your business while we work on it.

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